If You Could Time Travel, Who Would You Visit?

If You Could Time Travel, Who Would You Visit?

“Yes, and imagine a world
in which there were no hypothetical situations”
Jasper Fforde

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to time travel? Imagine if you could go anywhere and see anyone – from any time in history! What three people would you visit? Where would you go?

I’d go back in time to see my parents on the day I was born.  I’d witness my first day here on earth. I’d see my parents’ faces for real, not just in photographs. Then I’d walk around the town where I was born, visiting my relatives who were living then, seeing them as they looked so many years ago. I’d visit my paternal grandmother who died when I was just a baby. I’d sit and have a cup of tea with her.

The second place I’d go is to Michigan City to visit my maternal grandfather who died when I was twelve. I’d sit on that screened in porch with him on that porch swing I remember so well. I’d thank him for those endless hours he played with me and my siblings, as if he had all the time in the world for us. What a precious gift he gave us.  I’d tell him all about his great grandchildren.

Then I’d visit Anthony DeMello my favorite spiritual mentor and writer. I’d sit with him and talk with him about life, psychology, and spirituality. I’d thank him for the sharing of his wisdom in books and amazing video programs! I’d tell him what they have meant to me and how they have impacted my life.

Imagine you could time travel to any place at all – visiting a relative or a famous person like Einstein, Aristotle or Elvis. Where would you go? What would you say? Who would you visit?

photo credit: Ghetu daniel

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