Trend 2012: Women-only Hotel Floors

Trend 2012: Women-only Hotel Floors

Have you heard about “Women-only” hotel floors now being offered to female business travelers in some major hotels? At these hotels, for a small upgrade fee, women can have fresh flowers and other pampering perks in their room on a women-only floor.

At first glance this seemed interesting to me but then I watched this video and it gave me pause. Isn’t this discrimination (against men), they say?  Is this a throw-back to the fifties?  Is this a stereotyping of men (as predators) and of women (as vulnerable)? Some suggest this trend will take us in the wrong direction, that the rights women have fought for are being compromised in this trend. Is this a slippery slope?

I’m not a business traveler so I have no personal experience with this. But I will say the pampering aspect does appeal to me. Would I pay more for it? Depends on where I’d be going and how long I’d be away from home. I’m not sure I’d be as concerned about safety, or worried about meeting a man in the hall as I’m going for ice in my slippers, though! It’s the perks that catch my attention.

I believe hotel owners are focusing on the marketing aspect of this idea. They’re looking at the numbers (40% of business travelers are female) and they’re trying to cater to this segment of the population. Perhaps in this debate too much emphasis is being put on the safety factor of these arrangements and not enough on the pampering features. If offering more perks like slippers, flowers, magazines and such can give a hotel an edge; why not offer these indulgences? If a woman’s work takes her away from home a lot, she may choose to treat herself to them.

What do you think of this 2012 trend? Is it stereotyping or discriminatory or a marketing idea whose time has come? Do you feel it is regressive? Women-only hotel floors: thumbs up – or down?

photo credit: Ulf Lilankoski

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