How Would You Describe Yourself in Four Words?

How Would You Describe Yourself in Four Words?

Years ago I watched the movie “Heartburn” starring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. I’m not recommending it – I found it to be a fairly depressing movie- but one part of it stayed with me.

Streep and Nicholson, a married couple, were at a dinner party with close friends and they were playing a game where one by one each person would identify him or herself by using four words which represented how they saw themselves. In the movie it was the turning point for Streep when (spoiler alert) her husband said “Lover” before he said “Husband”. This told her that he was, again, having an extramarital affair.

I’ve thought about that scene often since I watched the movie; intrigued with the idea that you could capture your essence with words and how the words could reveal so much about you.

Our roles in life, like our passions, change don’t they? I’ve been Daughter, Student, Writer, Bride, Wife, Mother. I’ve been Aromatherapy-Lady, Internet-Marketer, Entrepreneur, Reiki-Master, and lately; Blogger and Author. Over time our roles change and with them, the way we see ourselves. If I had to describe myself today in just four words I would use Wife, Mother, Writer and Community-builder.

What happens when your life changes and with it your role, when you let go of one rope as you are swinging over the chasm and you haven’t yet spied the rope you need to grab next?  I wonder if we can use words to brace ourselves and set Intentions for the new roles we want to play in the game of life.

Has your role changed over your life journey?  How? What four words describe you now?

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I love figuring it all out and finding I was wrong, changing my mind, learning that I can get excited again about something I thought I was moving away from; changing life-long habits. Mostly I love my husband and my children; watching us all grow through the changes of life, family reunions and celebrations with a good bottle of port and a shrimp ring.