What’s Your Favorite Positive Affirmation?

What’s Your Favorite Positive Affirmation?

Do you have a favorite positive affirmation? I love them; writing them out, repeating them slowly aloud, feeling the words as if they are a reality now. Using a positive affirmation is a great way to set intentions for what you want in life.

I was thinking about this the other day and I decided to try to compose a positive affirmation which would encompass for me a positive, optimistic outlook on life and a healthy way to live it.

I wrote the first draft while still lying in bed. I improved it as I made breakfast. I thought about it as I drove to town, went to the post office and the bank and shopped for groceries. I tweaked it on the drive back home. This is the result:

I lovingly release the past,
I gratefully embrace the present,
and I joyfully anticipate the future.

Have you used positive affirmations with success in your life? What’s your favorite positive affirmation and why?

photo credit: Wade M

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I love figuring it all out and finding I was wrong, changing my mind, learning that I can get excited again about something I thought I was moving away from; changing life-long habits. Mostly I love my husband and my children; watching us all grow through the changes of life, family reunions and celebrations with a good bottle of port and a shrimp ring.