What Will Your Epitaph Say?

What Will Your Epitaph Say?

Often self-development courses include an assignment of writing your own obituary as a way of seeing what you want to be and do in life. I thought it might be fun to boil all that down to a few words; words that could fit on a headstone. That’s right, we’re going to write our own epitaphs, if we dare. Think about it: we don’t want to leave this to chance, like the “unfortunate” Louise.

I’d want my epitaph to represent my love of family, home, writing, community-building; the adventure of life itself. I’d choose these words for my epitaph:

“She loved life”

What will your epitaph say?

photo credit: Natalie Maynor

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I love figuring it all out and finding I was wrong, changing my mind, learning that I can get excited again about something I thought I was moving away from; changing life-long habits. Mostly I love my husband and my children; watching us all grow through the changes of life, family reunions and celebrations with a good bottle of port and a shrimp ring.