What Will Your TED Talk be About?

What Will Your TED Talk be About?

I love watching those amazing TED Talks. They represent years of thought, research, writing and teaching of the concepts about which the presenter is passionate all distilled into an eighteen-minute presentation!

Imagine it’s you giving one of those TED Talks. The crowd is waiting with full attention in anticipation of your presentation, the cameras are ready to capture and publish the Talk on the World Wide Web. What will your topic be?

Our answers reveal what’s most important to us; the thing in life that drives us. It’s the belief which makes us the least polite person in a conversation about it because we can’t shut up about this thing that grips us with frenzy and won’t let us go.

My TED Talk will be about Community.

Will you attend my TED Talk? I’ll attend yours.

What will it be about?

photo credit: Urban Data

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