Isn’t Three Still a Crowd?

Isn’t Three Still a Crowd?

“Two’s company; three’s a crowd.”

I was watching one of those YouTube videos of a marriage proposal recently. I love the music and I love the dancing but I couldn’t help but think one thought: That would not work for me!

I have a few questions for the brave and optimistic people who go through the trouble to prepare the event and record it: What if she said no? What if it turned out she was a person for whom a public proposal was not appealing? What if she preferred a private proposal, just the two of them, alone, with no friends or video devices? What if the public proposal was a deal-breaker for her?

I think it’s something you’d want to find out before you hired the acting/singing/dancing troupe. Just in case. Because I know in my case, none of that would lead to an affirmative response.

I’m an extrovert but I’m also a private person. You may be thinking – Wait! What? She’s a blogger. How can she also be a private person? Allow me to amend that. When it comes to my marriage proposal  I’m a private person. I prefer it to be an event with a maximum attendance of two (and it was).

Would you prefer a marriage proposal that’s a surprise, surrounded by your friends and family,recorded and uploaded onto YouTube, or a private one? Is three still a crowd?

photo credit: Mackarus

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