What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

We seem to agree that this is not a black and white world so if we just happened to find a sum of money while shopping we would know it isn’t ours and would return it, right? Are we absolutely sure? Imagine this scenario.

You are shopping at a thrift shop and you remove a pair of pants from the rack and take it to a dressing room try it on. While you are in the dressing room you notice there is something in the back pocket of the pants so you unsnap the pocket flap to investigate and pull out a handful of one-hundred dollar bills. Thirty, to be exact; three thousand dollars! What do you do?

Options: you can give the money to the cashier or you can pocket the money and go home three thousand dollars richer. Not a bad “find” at a thrift shop!

You stop to think about it. Someone donated those pants to this establishment. Maybe it was a parent who collected their teen’s pants from the back of a drawer because he or she had not been wearing them. But what was the money doing there in the first place and wouldn’t someone be missing that much cash? What if it was illegally-gained money – you know – drug money? Maybe the pants were a clever hiding place.

And if you did return the money, how would you know the cashier wouldn’t just put it in his or her own pocket?

Nobody knows there are three thousand dollars in the pocket of the pants – except you. You could simply take the money, return the pants to the rack and leave the store. Or could you?

What would you do?

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I love figuring it all out and finding I was wrong, changing my mind, learning that I can get excited again about something I thought I was moving away from; changing life-long habits. Mostly I love my husband and my children; watching us all grow through the changes of life, family reunions and celebrations with a good bottle of port and a shrimp ring.