Messages from Movies: Reality – or Fiction?

Messages from Movies: Reality – or Fiction?

I’ve been thinking lately about how much movies we watch can influence how we think and feel – about everything – but especially about romantic love.

I grew up in the Disney era, exposed to movies where the beautiful princess waited for her handsome prince to rescue her. Movie messages have evolved, at least Disney ones have, in that department. Take Mulan, for example.

Three adult movies come to mind which deliver interesting messages via memorable quotes. Fiction or reality; you decide.

The first quote is from the classic movie Jerry McGuire. So many great one-liners came from that movie but one quote, I believe, is damaging because of its message; “You complete me!” Really? Should it be that way? If you are “completed” by someone else what happens if/when one of you leaves?

Another misleading quote is from the classic 1970 romantic movie Love Story“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  Wait! What? A completely different (and, in my opinion, better) message comes from the old TV series Home Improvement when the main character, Tim, is talking to his neighbor Wilson and says it’s important to apologize often, even if you don’t know what it is you did wrong. Okay, maybe the sweet spot is somewhere in between those two.

The last questionable quote is from a wonderful movie called As Good as it Gets“You make me want to be a better man.”  Good luck with that. Wanting to change and actually changing are miles and months (years?) of work apart. It’s romantic on the big screen but is it reality – or fiction?

One of my favourite lines came from the movie Avatar“I see you!” How cool is that?

What messages have you noticed in movies which may not be the messages you want your children to hear? Were you misled by movie messages as a child, a teen, an adult? What’s your favourite movie quote?

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