My name is Lori Gosselin and I’m glad you’re here! Life, for instance is a gathering place where we come together to talk about life. I think of it as a porch where introspective people sit and relax and talk about the things that matter; the most important thing we all have in common, the thing we rush through so fast most days we forget to even think about it;

Life, for instance.


Many Hats

I’ve got a lot going on in my life. I run my family business with my husband. We make diffuser necklaces for aromatherapy, Terra Cotta Pendants.

In 2011 I published my first book, The Happy Place It’s available in all the Amazon stores. If you read it, I’d love it if you’d write a review!

Last but not least, I am a community-builder. In February of 2017, I released my second book, Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age.

I invite you make a mug of tea of coffee and hop up on the porch to enjoy some good conversation.


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Life! We’re all in this together: let’s talk about it!

photo credit: Sonia Lovas

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  • pea

    @Lori Lori, what does ’11 people listening’ on this about page mean? You see where it says ’29 people commented 11 people listening?’ – oh is it because they ‘liked’ a comment?

    A puzzled pea.

    • Sorry, only now saw your question! When we had Livefyre, it indicated how many people were following the conversation (listening).

  • @BojanDjordjevic Thank you Bojan! Welcome to Life, for instance! Are you thinking of weighing in on the current debate about being the same online as off!?!?


  • @DebKwek Thank you Deb! That was sweet of you! The kids are both away in school, but we connected yesterday. Have a wonderful week!


  • DebKwek

    Hi Lori just stopping in to say have a wonderful week and hope you had a very nice Mothers Day :)

  • BojanDjordjevic

    Seems like interesting idea… Best regards :)

  • bcromlish

    I actually just found an interesting status on a friends Facebook page:

    “All things in life are temporary. If going well, enjoy it, they will not last forever. If going wrong, don’t worry, they can’t last long either.”

    What do you think about that?

  • LIFE! There are big things and little things of value! A big thing would be gratefulness and taking the time to be in that place. And the things I’m grateful for….. another big thing…… AIR. The clean, crisp, life-supporting air here in the northwest. And then there are little things….. such as comfort food! My most favorite comfort in food is MASHED POTATOES! I don’t question the value of that food to my body on those rare times I indulge because the pleasure centers in my body just KNOW that it’s good for me right that minute! Guilty pleasre? No guilt here! I relish every bite – and how close is that to being in LIFE? Relish each moment.
    Live Simply. Live OUT LOUD! LSLOL! I think I’ll go have a wee bit of relish with my spuds right now! Yum! I love life! Marie
    (Thank you to Lori who invited me to join her rants! I love Lori’s rants! I learned everything about ranting from her!)

    • @oils_H2O LOL (about the “I learned ranting from Lori) – I’m not sure I wasn’t inspired by you! And Mashed potatoes – that give me pause since my husband harvested a LOT of those from our garden this summer. I’m inspired now to go find one for the cream of spinach soup I’m making for supper.
      “Live OUT LOUD!” I love it!

    • @Lori @oils_H2O OK. I’ll go along with mutual RANT training. Yes! LSLOL! I’m so thrilled for you in creating this blogora all about LIFE! All so precious. HUGS!

    • DebKwek

      @oils_H2O Oh I love Mashed potatoes with lots of butter and pepper I am a pepper freak and you will laugh but I like apple sause next to my mashed potatoes and corn to yummm!

    • @DebKwek @oils_H2O I am laughing but only because the lid for the soup pot was on the applesauce pot and when I put it on the soup, I wondered if the apples would affect the flavor – apparently not a bad thing! But I’m also trying to figure out what “LSLOL” means! The first time I saw “LOL” I thought my sister (who messaged it) was just especially touched by something I had written and replied “Lots of Love”.

    • @DebKwek @oils_H2O Wonder how Pepper Essential Oil would work on those ‘taters? ;-)

    • @Lori @DebKwek LSLOL = Live Simply. Live out loud!
      Maybe I should change the acronym to LS.LOL! ?????

    • bcromlish

      @oils_H2O @Lori @DebKwek Oooh interesting! Lori, maybe a future post can be about Food and how much it means to people (it creates community)

  • Nisezz

    Congrats to Lori for a job well done where we can all gather together and learn from each other about Life, for instance…love the name.

    • @Nisezz Glad you are here Nisezz! We’ve got some wonderful people here, yourself among them. So how many stars would you give Life?

  • ZenJen

    I would like to say congrats on the Blog launch Lori! Just trying it out and it looks great! This is actually my first experience with a blog so I will possibly be fumbling around for the first few posts. Happy Birthday Ernestine :) I agree that life is really about relationships. I am 42 and have never been more clear about this before. I am not sure if it is recent life opportunities or just this particular time in my life (meaning age), that has brought this realization to the forefront for me. It seems we spend the first part of our lives accumulating things; education, skills, job experience and material wealth and then we seem to shift our fuller attention toward relationships when we finally have the time to come up for air. This relationship may be with others or ourselves. It has been both in my case. I look forward to exploring themes with others here. Happy November 1st everyone. As the saying goes… “this is the first day of the rest of your life” :)

    • @ZenJen Hi ZenJen! I’m so glad you are taking “time to come up for air” here!
      Not fumbling but great sharing! Happy November to you too (my favorite month!)
      Note: This comment system allows you to reply to other people’s comments too. I’ll pass your HBday on to Ernestine below to show you what I mean!

  • REA

    So Happy for YOU Lori!! xx This is an other wonderful way to connect to more light – minded people!!
    Love this!! xx One Heart! xx

    • @REA Thanks Pam! I hope you share your beautiful thoughts here!

  • REA

    Good for YOU!! Lori xx So excited that you are following your heart! One Heart! xx

  • DebKwek

    Hi this is great a place to share are feeling and thoughts :)

    • @DebKwek Hi Deb! So glad you’re here! I look forward to reading about your thoughts!

  • Ernestine1


    I am turning 59 tomorrow and needless to say this has had me in these days leading up to this birthday, thinking back over my life……the regrets, missed opportunitues, the should have, could have of my life!

    However, there is also something else happening….how to really enjoy the time I have left ;how to make a difference in someone’s life, how to remember to be filled with gratitude for the people and moments of my life, even the difficult moments!

    Because , I know for sure by this time in my life, that it is not the things that matter, it is the people that matter! The difficult times, provide the wonderful opportunity for growth!

    So, thank you Lori, for this wonderful opportunity to share as I move forward with anticipation, to the next stage of my life here on this earth plane.


    • @Ernestine1 Thank YOU Ernestine! And an early Happy Birthday! “How to make a difference in someone’s life…” I think you just did!

    • @Ernestine1 ZenJen says Happy Birthday Ernestine!

    • Nisezz

      @Ernestine1 Happy Birthday we now we are the same age. Yes I,too, have looked back in the past but now I am only looking toward the future…age is just a number in my mind and my best years are yet to come…retirement and I am really looking forward to sharing health and wellness with others as we travel in our motor home across this great land. Our temporary home for the past three years has been in Anchorage Alaska and we are learning so much about life here….much slower pace, stress free lifestyle and it is great.

    • Ernestine1

      @Nisezz Thank you for the Birthday Greetings!

      It must be quite an experience to be living in Alaska I am sure.Anything you can share?

      That cross country trip sounds like it would be fun.When are you going?
      All the best,

  • Debby

    Thanks Lori for tuning into the moment so well. Great idea!
    Debby http://www.realgreengoods.com

    • @Debby Hi Debby! I’m so glad you made it! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on life!