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  • Sage Advice from Mom and Dad

    Have you ever noticed how much your parents’ advice shaped the person you are and the life you lead? So many things Mom and Dad said stayed with me, guided and supported me and even altered the..

  • And Your Name Is?

    Our Guest Author today is Elena Patrice! You’ve seen Elena around LFI before. She contributes so sweetly to the conversation we had to give her the platform so we could learn more about her! She blogs regularly here! Take..

  • What do You do on Christmas Eve?

    On Christmas Eve we attend mass then we meet the rest of the family at my Dad’s house. There we say our first official, “Merry Christmas” and the festivities begin. Dressed in our finery, happy and relaxed..

  • What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

    It was our first Christmas together as a married couple. My husband was on the floor in the living room, putting the finishing touches on the wooden manger he was building for the ceramic figurines my mother..

  • What do you Value Most in Life?

    My daughter and son are away in Ontario until Christmas.  We have occasional “video visits” to stay connected which really help to alleviate the homesickness.  I actually think they like them too! One Saturday afternoon my son..