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  • Where Have All the Porches Gone?

    If you’ve been here at Life, for instance before you know I call this place the “LFI porch”. It’s a virtual gathering place where we come together to relax and share our thoughts. Has anybody else noticed..

  • What Makes You Happy?

    What Makes You Happy?

    I’ve found him! I’ve found the Guru on the mountain top; Dr. Ed Diener who is considered the world authority on human happiness! Dr. Diener is a psychologist and author who has been studying happiness for over..

  • Do You Give a Little Love?

    Do You Give a Little Love?

    “…what you share with the world is what it keeps of you.” I was going down the aisle of the post office and a man was coming towards me up the narrow aisle. I moved my bags..

  • Technology: Are We Too Connected?

    There are many who say we are too connected via our smart phones and social media sites. Months ago I was inclined to agree. Technology like smart phones, iPads, and iPods are like brand new toys so..

  • What’s the Big Deal About Community?

    Today the label “community” is applied to any group of people who frequent the same place. That’s not necessarily a community – it’s often just a group of people who frequent the same place. Some of these groups..

  • What is Normal?

    I watched a great documentary program called Doc Zone recently, an episode called “The Age of Anxiety”. It was about the over-prescribing of drugs for what are now known as anxiety disorders. People interviewed said what we..

  • Who’s Got Your Back?

    Who supports you no matter what’s going on in your life? We need to know there is someone there to support us, to be there when things don’t go well. Who’s got your back? I’m in a..