Yearly Archives: 2012

  • Is Big Brother Bothering You?

    The other day I received an email from It named a book I was reading and suggested that if I liked that book I would enjoy the others it listed. I was baffled; how did Amazon..

  • What Makes Someone a Hero?

    Melanie is back for her monthly weekend post! As always, Melanie poses an intriguing question, inviting us to think more deeply about a subject! Take it away Melanie! There are a few things in life that I..

  • What if Life is Just a Dream?

    “If love is just a moment Let me spend this moment with you; If life is just a memory Then let me remember with you” ~ lyric from Amour This is the song we chose for the..

  • What is Your Favorite Word?

    Galen proposes an interesting question in a world filled with wordsmiths! Have you thought about it before? You know you have! See Galen’s blog here! Take it away Galen! I like words. Indeed, as a lawyer, I..

  • Quality or Quantity? Let’s Talk About It

    Please welcome Sabrina who is hosting at Life, for instance for the first time! Sabrina has been a regular here on the porch for some time now, generously contributing her beautiful wisdom to the discussion. She blogs regularly..

  • Do You Suffer from Nomophobia?

    Hajra finds the most interesting topics. I didn’t even know what “nomophobia” meant until she brought it up as a topic suggestion. See what else Hajra is talking about over here! Take it away Hajra! Just a..