Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • Are You Happy?

    What does it mean to be happy? If you are “content”, are you happy? Do you have to be joyful or exuberant to be happy? How do you understand the word “happy”? And what brings you to..

  • Are You a Victim or an Adventurer?

    Never mind the dictionary definitions of these words.  I’m talking about these ones: Victim: one who feels he or she is always getting the short end of the stick, who always has troubles galore and lives beneath..

  • Are You Stubborn?

    The other night when I was talking to a friend on the phone I shared my frustrations about a big problem I was facing with the redesign of my TCP web site. After listening to me he offered..

  • The Virtual Life of a Blogger

    I’m happy to introduce, to those who haven’t met her yet, Marquita Herald to share her story in the Life of a Blogger series. I met Marquita and her wonderful blog over at Triberr. Marquita is an author, personal..

  • Are You a Poet?

    “Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance.” ~ Carl Sandburg Are you a poet? Have you ever been one? I have. University and residence life and falling in and out of love made a poet..