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Community and Community Building

This is a series of articles about community building, the subject of my second book! Please join in as we dissect the characteristics of community and community building to more fully understand it and learn how we can build more of it in our lives. The posts in the series are monthly. Subscribe so you are notified when the next one comes out!


Dear LFI

Submit your question anonymously and the community will rally to provide opinions, views and support. Check out the Dear LFI series here! At the bottom of each post is the link you can use to contact me with your question!


The Life of a Blogger

Are you a blogger? Tell us your story in The Life of a Blogger Series. If you are interested, contact me and I’ll send you the guidelines to submit your post. See some of the posts in this series here!


LIFE: A User’s Manual 

See 121 questions – and answers about life from the first two years of our meetings here on the porch! Access the Manual, free (no sign-ups required) here!


The Happy Place  Pick up a copy of my first book, The Happy Place and read about a technique I discovered to make your way to your Happy Place! It is available in Amazon stores!


Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age  You probably noticed how often I write about community! Well, I finally wrote a book about it! See the story behind this book here! Or go directly to Amazon to purchase it here!


Life; we’re all in this together! Let’s talk about it!

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