What “Community” Really Means

What “Community” Really Means

What Does the Word “Community” Really Mean?

When we hear the word community, we tend to think of geographically-defined groups such as cities, towns, or neighbourhoods; or we think of clubs, associations, or other groups with shared interests.

These are common applications of the word community – and yet they miss the mark. However, we use the word to describe these groups because “community” generates a warm and fuzzy feeling in us.

Intuitively, we know what the word means.

“Community” means “coming-into-unity

But the aforementioned groups are not necessarily communities because the members of the groups, in most cases, have not truly come into unity in a meaningful way. What’s missing is the efforts needed to evolve the group into an authentic community. This is what our Kalliergo training is all about.

Community Building is a Skill Set

At Kalliergo, we teach people who care about the people they lead, who know that a sense of belonging and camaraderie can positively affect everything from productivity to creativity. We work with people who recognize that this “coming-into-unity” will be highly valuable to their organization/group.

Community Consciousness: I See You

When I encounter a stranger on the street, I see someone who is important to me. I acknowledge and respect them; I care about them. Isn’t this what it means to be a part of the human race?

We are all one. This is the truth of who we are as human beings but in our busy worlds, we’ve lost that spirit and we’ve forgotten how to come into unity with fellow travelers on the journey of life.

We need to spread community consciousness in our world today. We have never needed it more.

Come and Meet Me

If you lead a non-profit, a board of directors, a Mom’s group, a walking group, a neighbourhood group, a classroom of students – any organization or group,  I invite you to contact me for a free consultation.

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