Kalliergo Community Building is on Youtube

Kalliergo Community Building is on Youtube

Kalliergo Community Building is on Youtube!

Since 2010, you’ve read what I’ve written here at Life,forinstance about community building, and now you can hear me talk about community building. I’ve taken the plunge on behalf of Kalliergo Community Building and started a Youtube channel.

We’ve Known One Another for a Long Time

If you’ve been around since 2010 too, you probably still, like me, recall with fondness the early morning blog-hopping we all did during the heyday in the Blogosphere. You may have come to a Google+ Hangout back in the day too. They were so much fun and more than a little responsible for launching me into the world where I now live.

So I wanted to be sure, that if you visit my Youtube channel, you see this video and consider coming to one of the Free Introductory Community Building sessions.  Let’s pick up where we left off and let me teach you how to build community in your world!

There’s One More Thing

I also wanted to let you know that, at least right now, much of my time is spent at the Kalliergo site, where I publish articles about community building on a pretty regular basis. See the evolution of my understanding of community building, for instance, in these articles:

  1. Community Consciousness
  2. 4 Important Misconceptions about Community Building
  3. One Answer to All Your Business Questions

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I have always loved writing and community building. I’ve written a book about healing and happiness, The Happy Place, as well as a Community Building book, Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age,both available at any Amazon store. I’ve been through life changes that I thought were the end of my world, but I’m still here. You never know what will happen next. Isn’t that what makes life interesting?