We frequently receive offers from writers to write a Guest Post at Life, for instance [LFI] so I want to explain the Guest Post policy.

Regular guest Posting at LFI is by invitation only. I want the community to already know the Guest Author when his/her post is published and the only way this can happen is if they have been active in the conversation. This is how I get to know them, see how they write and what thoughts and ideas they have. This is how I discover the LFI Guest Authors.

If you have written a book and you are active in the comments and have set up a Livefyre profile I will know you wrote a book. I’m always watching! If I recognize a good idea for you to write a guest post I will invite you to write one.

I hope I have an opportunity to get to know you. If you clicked this link I have a feeling you have something of value to share and that we’ll be sipping a cup of tea together on the porch soon!


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