What is the Soundtrack of Your Life?

What is the Soundtrack of Your Life?

We’re fortunate today to have Claudia Anderson as our Guest Author! You may not recognize Claudia’s photo because her avatar is a cool orange-colored caricature but you have likely been in conversation with her if you’ve been hanging out at LFI lately. She always brings thoughtful, caring wisdom to the table. Claudia blogs about her dental clinic here! Take it away Claudia!

Do you have a musical soundtrack to your life? I do. This morning it was Liz Longley’s When You’ve Got Trouble. Yesterday it was Sarah McLachlan’s I Will Remember You. Tomorrow, it will most likely be some other song.  These songs are just some of the examples of the soundtracks in my life…the songs that follow me throughout my day…the songs that greet me when I wake in the morning.

Musical soundtracks have been with me since I was a child.

When young, I just assumed that everyone had their own soundtrack.  I am pretty sure that my Dad must have had a soundtrack to his life but, I never actually asked him.  He hummed, whistled or sang songs with no self-consciousness apparent while meandering through his day.  My earliest musical memories are wrapped in images of Dad and me sitting in the kitchen singing I’ve Been Working on the Railroad and his obvious delight that I could keep the melody while he harmonized.  I fell in love with music in that very moment.  I wanted to sing the harmony in someone’s soundtrack of life.

Music anchored my life in high school and college as my guitar and I found friends that felt as strongly about music as I.  We puttered around with riffs and rhythms into the wee hours of the morning.  We shared our efforts in coffeehouses and events.  There was no YouTube or iTunes back then and we were clear right from the start that the music we played was borne of love…not laud.

Today my guitar sits next to the fireplace patiently waiting.  My music lives in a different place now.  My music lives within.  It serenades me as I write.  It keeps me company on my long drives.  It inspires me and makes me brave when I am hesitant or fearful.  My every step is infused with the rhythm of the music that swirls around in my head. As Kiki Dee would say, I’ve Got the Music in Me.

Do you have a musical soundtrack to your life?  Does music play in your head?  Do you fill your life with music?

photo credit: Claudia Anderson

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