How to Use Your Brain to Change Your Life

How to Use Your Brain to Change Your Life

I’m fascinated with the brain and the new research that is coming out about our ability to change it. With our obsession with computers these days, and the important role the brain (computer of the body) plays in shaping our lives, you would think we would spend more time studying the brain!

This post gives not only an overview of the workings of the brain but it supplies clues as to how we can use the brain to change our lives. Put the clues together and this is the picture you get…

The brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and imagination, it never gets tired, it works on autopilot much of the time, it never rests. Think about the potential in this knowledge. Dr. Joe Dispenza (Evolve Your Brain) says that when you pose a question your brain immediately mobilizes all its resources to find an answer, much like the 911 call to the fire department instigates a flurry of activity at the fire station. It knows what to do. It has to answer the question.

We’ve all by now heard The Secret. We know that it’s not the repetition of the affirmation that is responsible for our manifestations, but the emotion the affirmation evokes in us.

Have you ever had a random thought about something and then it somehow came into your life? This happens because we don’t try too hard, don’t worry about the outcome, don’t even really think about the outcome beyond the initial thought. We think it, desire it, feel it and let it go because it’s not a Big Thing. The Big Things seem harder to manifest and maybe that’s because we don’t know how to evoke the feeling of having the Big Thing. This means we need to find a way to feel the anticipation of having the Big Things on our Life lists.

I think I found it! It uses the aforementioned three facts:

  1. The brain must answer a question you pose.
  2. We need to evoke the emotion of having what we want in order to manifest it.
  3. Things manifest faster and easier when we don’t worry about them (when we have little resistance).

So what if we harnessed the power of these three facts by turning them into a powerful question: How would I feel if I knew…?

How would I feel [the question that causes the brain to summon the feeling] if I knew [faith, relaxation, non-resistance] …?  For instance, say you wanted to go on a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru. You could say, “How would I feel if I knew tomorrow morning I was getting on an airplane to go to Machu Picchu, Peru?”  Your brain would search its databanks to find any experience of excitement, adventure, travel, and optimism. This would inspire excitement and joy in you. You would fall asleep in a state of sweet anticipation.

So I ask you; how would you feel if you knew you could daydream your way to dream-come-true reality just by using this question?

Photo Credit: Moyan Brenn

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