Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing

Do you choose a word or a theme for the New Year? I love doing this. It sets the tone for how I want the year to go; my Intention, with a capital “I”.

For 2019, my Intention is to see the perfection in everything, even in imperfection. (Bear with me. I will explain.) Nothing presents better evidence of the order and perfection in life than the experience of perfect timing.

Don’t you just love it when you experience perfect timing? You know; when you run into a friend as you are checking out at the grocery store and have just enough time to go for a coffee; or when you sit down to rest after finishing your work and get a phone call from your daughter.

I believe there are two ways to look at life: We can choose to believe that Life is happening for us or to believe that Life is happening to us. If we believe Life is for us, whatever happens is for us. But if we believe Life is happening to us then we bemoan all those challenging, sad and scary things that happen until far into the future when we can look back and see the perfect poetry in everything; perfection even in imperfection.

If we decide to see the perfection in everything, adopting the belief that Life is not happening to us but for us, 2019 will be a year of empowerment and unlimited possibilities.

What’s your Intention for 2019?

Photo Credit: Jon Tyson

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