Life: A User’s Manual

Life, for instance is like a porch where we gather to talk about life. It has comfortable chairs, cookies, tea and coffee. Except you’ll have to provide your own tea or coffee. And the cookies. But you get the idea.

We’ve been meeting here since November of 2010. The User’s Manual is a selection, 121 questions – and answers, from the first two years. They are arranged in categories for easy access. Following each post is the conversation and it’s never too late to jump in!

Life, for instance is a community; a safe, caring, supportive place where the sum of our thoughts is much greater than the wisdom any one person can offer. The conversation is not complete without the sharing of your views, ideas, and life experience.

We gather for new conversations on Thursdays but you can drop by any time. Someone will be sitting here, sipping tea, contemplating life and anticipating a conversation with you. Subscribe so you won’t miss a single post. (The links to subscribe are in orange up and to the right.) Now without further ado I give you…

Life: A User’s Manual

How to use this manual: select a category that relates to how you are feeling right now and choose a post. You will be taken to the post and the conversation that followed. Feel free to respond to anyone in the conversation. Rinse and repeat!

How to Overcome Life’s Challenges

Dealing with Stress




Life Values


Just for Fun

How to Organize Your Work

Healthy Habits

Holiday Chatter

Thoughts on Parenting



 About You

Life itself

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