Would You Like to See the Future?

Would You Like to See the Future?

Have you seen the TV show Flash Forward? In the show which aired for one season in 2009, the whole world blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds. During that time most people have a vision of their lives six months into the future. I was intrigued by the story, glued to the TV when it aired. I wanted to see how people would live when they knew what their futures held.

It made me wonder; would I want a flash forward? Would I want to know exactly what was to happen in six months and if I did know, how would I live today? In the TV show, it seemed having this information caused people to live their lives backwards; focusing on their visions and attempting to either ensure or prevent their coming true.

In one respect we do want to see the future. We want to know that prosperity will be ours, relationships will be good and things will work out.  Putting our faith in any prediction that comes from outside of us, however, belies our free will. What if we want something different? Would we really want to be on a path set in stone, knowing where each step would take us before our feet touch the ground?

I guess I will pass on the flash forward, thank you. I’ll create my own. Then I can change it if I’m feeling fickle, or if more information makes that prudent, or if I simply think of something even better!

Would you like to have a glimpse of your future?

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