What’s Your Deal-Breaker?

What’s Your Deal-Breaker?

Do you ever notice that some things bother other people which would never bother you and other things really upset you which don’t even ruffle the feathers of your friends? We’re all so different.This is why good communication is essential to a successful relationship. I believe the most important thing that needs to be communicated is the deal-breaker.

My deal-breaker: when someone says they will do something and doesn’t do it. (I know Bill will concur with this one!) I don’t care if you don’t want to do it, but don’t say you’ll do it and not do it. Just say no. I like to know I can trust your word as much as you can trust mine. Otherwise, what we have is an off-balance relationship.

Eventually, we won’t have a relationship at all.

Some people think if the word “promise” isn’t spoken; it’s not a binding commitment. That’s not true. A person’s word is their word. It needs to be upheld so trust can dwell peacefully in the relationship.

That’s my deal-breaker. What’s yours?

photo credit: Ed Yourdon

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