Gratitude is Not Enough: Here’s Why

Gratitude is Not Enough: Here’s Why

I believe Gratitude has a very high vibration and I believe in the Law of Attraction which says we attract more of what we vibrate.  So it would follow that if we vibrate gratitude we attract more wonderful things into our lives to be grateful for, right?

Why is it then that we easily manifest some things we want in life and not others? Some things breeze into my life when I’ve barely given them a passing thought yet other things have kept me waiting for years! 

I think I know why.

Gratitude opens the door to allow wonderful things into your life but if the screen door is closed when these things arrive they can’t get in. Nothing happens in your life outside of your will so if your bottom-line belief is that don’t deserve to have these things you screen them out. You need to feel deserving of the things you want in life.

What makes us deserving? Do we deserve the things we want in life because we’re good people? Do we deserve them because we’ve worked hard to earn them? No and no!  We’re conditioned to believe it works that way because of our childhoods, a time in which it did work that way. If you were a good girl or boy you got a treat and if you weren’t punishment followed.

But today there is no sovereign, judging body deciding who deserves and who doesn’t and accordingly awarding the good stuff and dispensing the punishment. That’s not it at all!  We are deserving because we are beloved children of Life.

There is no one to deny us but ourselves.

Why did I feel worthy of some things and not others? I believe that our assessment of our worth draws a line for us in life. We’re able to attract everything which matches our beliefs about our worth but no more. We drew the line but why would we do this to ourselves? I believe it’s because of childish misunderstandings and  conclusions we drew when we were very young. That’s okay. We can change that. I know a simple way to do it.

Do you practice gratitude? Do you feel worthy and deserving of the things you’re asking for? What have been your experiences with manifesting the things you want in life?

photo credit: Chris Dodson

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