What’s Your Desktop Wallpaper?

What’s Your Desktop Wallpaper?

It’s more than just a background picture holding all your icons in place. The desktop wallpaper you choose says something about you. The wallpaper is there behind everything else on your desktop; there when, if you use Fences, you make all the icons “disappear”!

My wallpaper is a beautiful photo of my kids both looking directly at the camera, which means looking at me!  When I miss them, which is often now since they both live away, I just minimize all my open pages, double-click to make my icons disappear behind the “fences” and gaze at them both gazing lovingly back at me.

What’s your wallpaper? Do you have photos, motivational quotes, dream pictures (making your screen a vision board), or something else on your screen? Let us look over your shoulder to see your monitor.

photo credit: Patrick Hoesly

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