What Kind of Souvenirs Do You Buy?

What Kind of Souvenirs Do You Buy?

Do you buy souvenirs when you’re away on vacation? Do you scour the shops for a special memento to bring home with you? What kind of souvenirs do you buy?

I’ve taken a few special trips so far in my life but I’ll admit to not having had a specific plan for souvenir shopping before I embarked on the trips. I’ve left it to chance.

When my daughter and I went to Greece, for instance, I abandoned myself to the pleasure of shopping without any souvenir plan. Despite that, I made some satisfying choices for my souvenir purchases.

In Crete I bought a beautiful silver ring with the Greek symbol for eternity flanking a blue opal stone which shimmered with the same blue hues as the Greek sea. I love how it feels when I wear it.

Then I did stumble upon a souvenir plan. Each island’s shops sold card decks with photos of the sights on the island. After I bought the first deck in Mykonos I looked for and purchased decks in Crete and Santorini. The fifty-two different photos in each deck transport me to the places we visited on our trip.

On our last day in Athens I fell in love with a soft leather backpack I found in a tiny shop. I asked the salesgirl if it had been made in Greece. She affirmed that it had been made in this shop. I looked over her shoulder to where an older gentleman was watching us, gauging my reaction to what was clearly the product of his craftsmanship. 

I buy souvenirs so I can remember fondly the time I spend exploring a faraway and exotic place. Not only do they allow me to bring a piece of the place home with me, they help me remember the way it felt to be there.

Do you collect a certain type of item like spoons, fans, or hats? What kind of souvenirs do you buy?

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