Do You Take Your Own Advice?

Do You Take Your Own Advice?

In her wonderful book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Debbie Ford advises that you “attend your own lectures”, meaning you should pay attention to the advice you give to others. Chances are it is the advice you need.

It is not easy to see our faults and failings because too often we project them on others. When the actions and words of others bother us, it is because they are displaying characteristics we have tried to disown. All around us people are holding up mirrors that show us who we are and how we can grow in life, but we look through them at the other person and think “She really should…” We do not realize it is our own reflection we judge.

One of the things I find challenging about sharing my thoughts and convictions on a blog or in comments on other blogs is I am constantly reminded of what I need to do if I am to be a person of integrity. The posts here raise the bar in my life.  For example, the post on exercise inspires me to bounce more faithfully on my mini-trampoline, the post on workaholism has me closing my laptop earlier in the evening. I taped my theme for 2011 to my desk and now I’m on an “I” diet as I learn to be a better listener! Blogging (and life) is a lot of work if we are to walk the walk as well as talk it.

The next time you are tempted to give advice, pause and pay attention to the message, for you are its rightful recipient. When you are listening to someone give advice and find yourself thinking “He should listen to himself!” be aware; when you give advice, somebody is probably thinking that about you.

Do you attend your own lectures, take your own advice, walk the walk in your life? Have you ever caught yourself giving advice that you needed to follow?

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