Do You Exercise for Your Health or for Fun?

Do You Exercise for Your Health or for Fun?

My favorite exercise is walking in the woods behind our house, particularly in the winter. When fresh snow covers the ground I feel like a child; I want to go out and play! If the snow is deep (like now) we strap on our snowshoes; if it’s good for sliding, we walk up and slide down over and over again. In the winter each walk in the woods is a treat for the eye and soothing for the soul.  It feels like you are in C.S. Lewis’s magical Narnia!

The people who replied to the Question of the Week have impressive exercise regimes. They said they do dance yoga and Zumba (that sounds like fun!); they cross-country ski, and bike. One person power pumps two days and spins the other three (more clarification on this please– sounds intriguing.)  Their dedication and energy reminds me of Bryan’s theme for 2011; keeping the body strong to keep the mind strong.

Do you subscribe to the “no pain no gain”  idea of exercise? Do you exercise for fun? Is it OK if it’s so much fun that you forget you’re exercising for your health, or are you exercising for your health? Do you think it’s the high oxygen intake or the energy that comes with getting yourself moving that makes it feel so good?

Do you exercise for your health or for fun? What do you do for exercise?

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