10 Reasons Why I’m Doing Yoga

10 Reasons Why I’m Doing Yoga

A story my sister-in-law told me many years ago first piqued my interest in yoga. She found herself in the emergency room sitting at her husband’s bedside as he fought for his life. She told me she kept calm throughout the crisis by periodically slipping away to do yoga.  (Reason #1)

I wanted to learn to do yoga ever since I heard her story but I never felt I had time to go out and take a class.

Then, a little over a month ago, my daughter told me she was learning to do yoga in her apartment with a program on Youtube; 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. She raved about the program and said, “You should do it too and then we could do yoga together!” 

I was doubtful of my ability to do yoga but the fact that I could do it at home at my convenience (Reason #2) and the prospect of doing yoga with my daughter (Reason #3) convinced me to try. So I bought a yoga mat, found a peaceful space in my home to lay it down and went to Adriene’s site.

My initial efforts were laughable but I showed up anyway – every evening. My hands hurt so much at first that I had to keep stopping to shake them off. I could do very few of the poses but Adriene encourages the viewer to move at his or her own pace so that’s what I did.

I’ve just finished the 30 days and I will confess that I love doing yoga! I know it sounds cliché but I do and here’s why: (Reasons #s 4 – 9)

  • I said I’d do it and I’m doing it. Honouring this commitment feels amazing.
  • It’s a physical exercise routine (something I’ve long wanted to establish for myself) that is relatively easy to maintain.
  • It’s a time for me to nurture my mind, body and spirit.
  • My body feels healthier, and I feel more peaceful and grounded.
  • My hands don’t hurt anymore and I’m regularly seeing improvements in my ability to do the poses.
  • I have a long way to go and with daily practice there is no telling how far I will go. This is an ever-expanding adventure!

I know that people can do yoga well into their twilight years and enjoy many benefits from the practice. That’s my plan. (Reason #10)

Do you do yoga? How long have you been practicing? What benefits do you experience?

Photo: My peaceful yoga space

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