Where are the Sacred Spaces in Your Life?

Where are the Sacred Spaces in Your Life?

Today we welcome Sabrina to host our conversation on the porch! Sabrina blogs about creating joy through your mind body and soul. She always offers a deep and thoughtful contribution to the conversation. Sabrina is a couple of time-zones from here so she will only be over in the afternoon but she’ll be by! Welcome Sabrina!

I have a strange confession to make. I’m obsessed with my closet. And no, it’s not because I’m a clothes addict (far from it!), but it’s because within my closet is one of my absolute favorite sacred spaces.

I knew as soon as I put my meditation cushion down in the corner that this little hideaway would become a place where I could go to feel peace and re-center. And since that first encounter, I’ve added a collection of objects to make the space feel even more special.

My yoga mat is there to support me as I practice easy movements; candles have been added to infuse it with that soft glow.

I even have little sacred relics, such as a Feng Shui compass that my dad brought back from his travels through Asia, a smooth stone that I selected from a nearby mystical bookstore, my tiny meditation cymbals, and a pendulum to gaze at and to help me tune into my chakras.

My sacred space has also become a place of ritual, where I can lie down to write out my daily gratitude lists or sit up as I practice whatever form of meditation I’m being called to for the day.

And I’m so fortunate to have tapped into not just one but two sacred spaces in and around my home.

When I moved into our new house just a year ago, I was immediately drawn to how peaceful the back corner of the yard felt, so I bought myself a wooden bench, giving me a place to sit in stillness, meditate on the birds and trees, or tune into my writing.

With that one simple action of adding the bench, I was able to transform a peaceful place to a sacred space, giving me a variety to choose from when I need to seek a bit of solace in the middle of a hectic day.

What makes these spaces sacred to me is the energy, more so than all of the objects and rituals, and I often wonder if I was attracted to the space first because it already held that loving energy, or if it became that way through the energy I infused into it.

At the end of the day, I believe that the beauty of sacred spaces is that they are all around us, and it is merely up to us to choose the space and infuse it with that love.

Do you have a sacred space or two in your life where you can find peace and re-center? What does it look like? What feelings does it bring you?

photo credit: Sabrina – this is one of her sacred spaces!

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