Have You Ever Been an April Fool?

Have You Ever Been an April Fool?

Before I wrote about April Fools’ Day I thought I’d do a little research into its origins. Google produced many sites claiming to know them but in light of the topic, I decided not to take any chances. I went directly to the Snopes link.

I’ve never been a fan of April Fools’ Day because I’ve never liked practical jokes and it seems April Fools’ Day pranks are nothing but inflated practical jokes. Practical jokes do make a fool of someone and how, I would like to understand; does it ever make a person feel good to be made a fool?

Then there is the trust issue which is toyed with on April first. Did you remember that today was April Fools’ Day? Did you move tentatively into your morning wondering what or who you could believe, unsure if your local radio station would play a prank on you (can you believe what you hear?) or if your family members would try to trick you in some way. What about April Fools’ pranks in the Blogosphere? Can you trust what you read today?

Or do you do what most people do. Unaware that we’ve torn a page from our calendar, meander obliviously into your morning ready to get back to work until something happens that is slightly out of the ordinary. You get swept up in it then suddenly you recall what day it is and what that date means. You realize you have been made a fool. Some joke!

I imagine that someone here will take me to task for not loving this day; someone who anticipates it with excitement, moves into the morning with their guard up to foil any attempts to make a fool out of them and enjoying it. Maybe it’s just me; I love a good joke, but not a joke at someone’s expense.

What’s the biggest prank of which you’ve been a victim? Do you engage in April Fools’ Day pranks? Have you ever been an April Fool?

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