How Do You Achieve Balance in Your Life?

How Do You Achieve Balance in Your Life?

Work-life balance?

It seems ironic that we called it “work-life” balance because many people who engage in this struggle consider their work to be their life.  Do you remember the heyday of the Blogosphere when we had to force ourselves to back away from our computers?  On most days, I was in front of my computer from breakfast to bedtime.


Things Change

Then gradually, so many of us reduced the number of posts we published or simply stopped blogging altogether.  Our blogging time was preempted by other business/life pursuits.  I still miss those days, but I, too, have moved from publishing three posts per week to two posts per month.

Today, my main focus is community building and I spend most of my work hours building my business.  I’ve never felt more passionate about anything in my life yet for some reason, now I am able to achieve the life balance I failed to achieve in the past.


How I Achieve Balance in My Life

No matter how much we love our work, we need to balance it with other things in life, things like self-care, for instance, and time for reflection.

When I created my peaceful outdoor space this spring, I started taking my coffee there, on my porch. When I’m there, I feel as if I’m on a mini-vacation.  I remember to breathe deeply, I relax more fully.  I don’t watch videos on my phone or listen to podcasts while I’m there – I just relax and think about my life.  Sometimes, I don’t think about anything at all.

I have also learned not to work on Sunday.  When I take a break on Sunday, I arrive at a new week with fresh energy.

Vacations, too, are imperative to a life balance.  As you read this, I’m in our summer place with family in Cape Breton; sleeping in the fresh country air in a tent, cooking meals over an outdoor fire, sitting for hours on the beach, watching the sunset as it dips into the lake, and sipping coffee by a night campfire.

It will restore my soul.  It always does.

We need to nurture our souls; we need to give ourselves rest in order to be more effective in the work we do.  We need to craft and maintain a healthy balance in our lives.

How do you achieve balance in your life?

Photo: This is my porch.


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