What is Community Building Worth?

What is Community Building Worth?

How do you assign a monetary value to community building?

Recently, I met a natural community builder (I love when that happens!)  A manager of an Engineering consulting firm, he told me how he builds community with his employees.  After an intriguing conversation with him, I asked, “Why do you do this?”  He said, “Retention” and went on to say that the cost of replacing an employee could be upwards of $150,000.00 by the time the cost of a head-hunter, the hiring process, and training are factored in.

When I mentioned this to a friend who is in a high-level position in her organization, she said, “I’ve heard a ratio of two times the departing employee’s salary …recognizing that the more senior the person (and therefore higher salary) the more impact the turnover has.  Bottom line:  it’s a lot of money.”

What is community building worth to your organization?

People in the organizations I’ve worked with outlined these benefits:

  • Forging an immediate and deeper connection with everyone at the table
  • Becoming a highly effective and cohesive group
  • Recognizing that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others
  • Creating openness and empathy
  • Defining our next priorities as a group
  • Communicating and connecting in ways that will enable us to grow and move toward our common goals
  • Learning how to better communicate and be a better listener
  • Highlighting some areas our group could define better

They added…

  • We need to be in a community in order to reach our goals as an organization
  • This community-building workshop is well designed and accessible to all
  • Community building is a necessity for all to thrive and impact our world positively
  • I recommend this workshop to any group that wishes to achieve professional and personal success

Why?  Because…

  • Everyone needs community and connection

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