I Have an Idea!

I Have an Idea!

If you know me well you’re cringing now and thinking “Oh no!” as my closest friends do when I say “I have an idea!” What? You’re doing that? Aw!

The idea was inspired by what’s been happening at a LFI post that was published four months ago. Recently a fellow came upon the post and shared his issue related to the topic. I felt unequal to the task of addressing his concerns adequately on my own so I called on the community, particularly some who were already in the conversation, for help.

Help they did. They showed up and they replied, sharing resources and offering support. Wow! I was amazed and excited by what was happening there. The fellow’s concerns were addressed from so many different perspectives with varied personalities offering suggestions, inspiration, insights, encouragement and resources.

I have seen this happen in our regular conversations but then I thought; why don’t we do it deliberately?

What if we, beautiful, wise, caring, introspective souls; coaches, personal development bloggers, intuitives  down-to-earth, profoundly amazing people who gather here at LFI converged on the porch every now and then to answer a specific, personal, life-issue question and offered our opinions and support?

It would be like an “Dear LFI” or “Ask the Expert” series except that we, all of us together, would comprise the Expert. This is one of the most profound things about a community – the coming together of so many different minds, the synergy of that, where it leads, and how it feels!

I’d welcome “How do I handle…” questions, or “What do I do about…” questions via Email. They would be anonymous and personal questions about a situation or issue which troubles you; questions about life. We would have one question per post.

The questions would be emailed to me. The person asking the question wouldn’t have to be on the porch when their question was posted, but he or she can join the conversation if they like. The important thing is that their question would be addressed via the conversation.

What should we call it?  Some suggestions:

  • The Guru’s on the Porch
  • Dear LFI
  • Ask the Guru
  • Questions and Answers About Life
  • Ask the LFI community
  • If You Were in My Shoes…

We need three things to go ahead with this idea:

  1. Your enthusiasm and willingness to take part
  2. A question for the first one. Email me!
  3. A name for it- choose one of the above or make up a better one!
If we have all three, we’ll go ahead with it soon and see what happens. If not, all this will quietly go away. What do you think?

photo credit: Chuck Coker

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