What Beliefs Sustain You?

What Beliefs Sustain You?

“Man is made by his belief.
As he believes, so he is.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There are many beliefs that comprise you and me but one or two stands above the rest in helping us through the tough times in life.  What beliefs sustain you?

One belief that sustains me is this: life goes on.  No matter what happens, no matter how difficult things seem now, we’ll get through it and we will feel better again.  My mother used to put it this way, “This too shall pass.”  It wasn’t only what she said but what she did that impacted me.  I watched as she dealt with the loss of her father and the passing of friends.  When I was dealing with her death, I knew I’d get through it because it’s just what you do.  Life goes on.

There are other beliefs which sustain me.  I believe I’ll always find a way to solve any problem I face.  I believe if I don’t give up I’ll find the support, the wisdom and the answers I need to triumph.  I believe I am cherished, protected, guided and supported by Life.  This is a new belief I embraced a few years ago and more and more I see that it’s true.

The more our beliefs are affirmed by our life experiences the more faith we have in them and the more we manifest wonderful things in life because of these beliefs.  Do you think this means we adopt new beliefs and enjoy the reality they create?  I think so.

Have you deliberately added to your belief system?  What techniques do you have to adopt new beliefs?  What beliefs sustain you?

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