Did You See The Moonwalking Bear?

Did You See The Moonwalking Bear?

“What you are aware of, you are in control of.
What you are not aware of is in control of you.”

Anthony de Mello

How aware are you of things happening around you? I read an interesting article the other day about the peculiarities of human beings and one point caught my attention – the subject of awareness. The author of the article,Tim Brownson claims we are not as aware as we think we are and posts this video to prove it. Take one minute and nine seconds to watch it before reading on.

Did that freak you out a little? Did you see it? I didn’t see it the first time. It makes me wonder what else I may be missing?

My favourite spiritual mentor is Anthony de Mello. He has had a profound impact on me since I discovered one of his programs several years ago. I’ve watched it so many times I can quote most of it from memory – verbatim! Recently I learned of an online video program of de Mello. Treat yourself  here! Whenever I hear the word “awareness” I think of him because of the story he once told.

It’s a story about a traveler who goes to visit a guru to seek his wisdom. When he arrives he learns that it is the guru’s day of silence so he asks the guru to write on a piece of paper a few words that will guide him in his life. The guru takes the paper and writes; “Awareness” and gives the paper back to himThe traveler looks at it and is not satisfied. He asks the guru to expand on it a little so the guru takes the paper back and writes, “Awareness, awareness, awareness!” and gives it back. The traveler is confused now and asks, “But what does it mean?” The guru takes the paper back and writes, “Awareness, awareness, awareness means….awareness.”

How aware are we of what’s going on around us? What about self-awareness? What messages that could guide us, what opportunities for growth are we missing?  How aware are we really of the true reasons for our feelings and our motivations?

How do you stay aware? Did you see the moonwalking bear?

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