I Got Hacked! What’s the Meaning of This?

I Got Hacked!  What’s the Meaning of This?

My website got hacked earlier this month. Not LFI but Terra Cotta Pendants. It took me the better part of eleven days to get everything up and running properly again. It was an excruciatingly upsetting time.

I was a few days into this nightmare before I remembered that I could choose to view the hacking incident in either of two ways:

1) It was a random event and I was a victim of circumstances
2) I had manifested the circumstances for a reason

When I recognized that I had choices, I chose #2 without hesitation. Why? To choose #1 would have been to give all my power away to the hackers. Choosing #2 meant I was retaining all my power, assigning the hackers to the position of supporting actors in the production of my life of which I am the playwright, producer and director.

But why had I manifested such an upsetting situation? The key was in the emotions this situation was bringing up in me. Addressing those emotions led me to a core issue that I needed to address. It took an event of that magnitude to trigger those emotions, make me aware of the issue they pointed to thereby allowing me to clear them.

Once I cleared the emotional component of the events using the system I wrote about in The Happy Place  I was able to get the site restored.

What’s the meaning of getting hacked? I guess it has any meaning you choose to give it. For me, getting hacked was a gift.

Do you ever feel like a victim of circumstances? Are you able to recover from those awful feelings by remembering you are the playwright, producer and director of the production of your life?  What tools do you use to deal with difficult and challenging circumstances?

Photo credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg

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