The Key to Success: Discovering Your Success Process

The Key to Success: Discovering Your Success Process

Everyone has at least one area in their life in which success seems to come easily while in other areas there may be struggle and frustration. You may, for instance, excel at parenting but experience struggle in your career, or you may be financially happy but suffer in the relationship department.

Clearly, we are doing/thinking/feeling something differently in the successful pursuit than in the areas in which we do not enjoy that same level of success. I made this discovery recently when I launched my energy healing site. I realized that, nervous as I was to “put this out there”, I had no doubts about my ability to do this work. In fact, I had more confidence in this area of my life than in many others.

Why was that? What was my approach to healing work that made the difference?

I had to find out so I broke down what I do in a healing session into steps:

  1. Set a goal or an intention

  2. Relax and be present in the moment

  3. Ask for support  (physical, mental, spiritual)

  4. Pay attention to what shows up

  5. Tune in to my energy and intuition

  6. Take notes so I can see the whole picture

  7. Trust what comes will be for the furthering of my goal; trust the process

  8. Enjoy the work; enjoy the process

This was my success process, the key I could apply to other areas of my life. You have your own success process. It’s right there in the area in your life in which everything flows.

At first, we apply the steps in our success process consciously, the way we learn to drive a car but after a while, the  process becomes a habit which requires little thought. The power is not in the process but in the confidence it engenders. The success process is the hallway to the door to success but it is the confidence that turns the key in the lock.

In what area of your life do you enjoy the most success? Do you know why you are so successful in that area? Do you think that identifying your success process and applying it to other areas in your life might be your own personal key to success?

Photo credit: Celestine Chua

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