How to Create Your Personal GPS

How to Create Your Personal GPS

I was listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza on YouTube and I noticed he often says, as human beings we have the ability to make thought more real than anything else.

That idea intrigued me.

As I pondered it I realized we not only have the ability, we do make thought more real than anything else, regularly, whether or not we are aware of it. We are all operating according to our conditioning, which formed our beliefs, and we see the world in a way that matches our beliefs. So if, for instance, if we believe we are unlikable, no matter how people respond to us, we would interpret their actions in a way that conforms to that belief.

Our thoughts are more real than anything else. The problem is, usually it is our conditioning that creates those thoughts

So I wondered: what would happen if we constructed a set of beliefs that would create the life we wanted and made these thoughts more real than anything else.

Louise Hay writes about the connection between the mind and body. In this book she suggests “new thought patterns” to replace thoughts which were the “probable causes” of each disease. Among the new thought patterns she provides there these two thoughts appear frequently: “I am loved” and “I am safe.”

They remind me of a beautiful mantra that came to me one New Years Eve many years ago, “I am cherished, guided, protected and supported by Life.”

Guided, Protected, Supported = GPS. What better belief system by which to navigate your way through life? When your belief system holds that you are guided, protected and supported by life you feel cherished and someone who feels cherished by life manifests experiences and situations to support this belief.

We know that what we focus on expands. Add to that something Dispenza says in this video, “Observation is a skill, just like anything else, and we can develop this skill” and we have a simple yet powerful plan for re-writing our conditioning with the words of our choosing!

Day 1 – focus on all the ways Life is Guiding you. Notice them and write them down and feel the feelings the thoughts inspire.
Day 2 – focus on all the ways Life is Protecting you.
Day 3 – focus on the ways Life is Supporting you.
Day 4 – go back to Day 1 and repeat.

By repeatedly focusing on these 3 factors we can make the new thoughts more real than the ones that spring from our conditioning. And if any thought seems to stubbornly persist we can clear it with the System that I wrote about in The Happy Place.

What words, other than Guided, Protected and Supported, would you choose? Would you focus on each word every day or spread them out as I do? What beliefs help you to navigate your way through life?

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