How Many “Best” Friends Do You Have?

How Many “Best” Friends Do You Have?

Hajra is beautifully skilled in two areas which pertain to Life, for instance. She knows how to come up with a great topic and she knows how to keep the conversation lively! And one more thing – Hajra can write! Let’s talk about friendship!

One thing that makes the ups and downs of life so much easier are best friends. Yes, you heard me right. Whenever you want to cry, share your deepest grief, talk about your happiest moments, celebrate your success or just about anything, there is one person you always want to call, meet and talk to – your best friend!

The spouse, the siblings, the family is all needed; but nothing like a best friend to balm, soothe and tread on the tightrope of life. So what better than two of them! It often surprises people when it comes up that I have two best friends. Two of the best people in the world to share this funny thing called life.

Some say it is hard to find just that one person you can call your best friend, then how have you found two. I just tell them that I have been super lucky. I have two wonderful gals to call up in the middle of the night just to tell them about the weird dream I had the other day. One from school and the other from college, but both are and remain to be just as special.

Often people talk about having close friends, really good friends, or a close knit group of friends but I have experienced that some friends just hang around longer, have been there for good and bad times and have just “stayed on” far more close knit and as we put it, best!

The funniest part is that these two friends are totally unknown to each other – in the sense, they haven’t met, they are from two different parts of my world but I am the common link between them. It does become interesting to notice how two people can mean so much so the same to one person.

So this is something I would like to know more about. Is the number of friends really a matter? How many of us have more than just one or two best friends? How many best friends do you have?

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