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  • Do You Suffer from Nomophobia?

    Hajra finds the most interesting topics. I didn’t even know what “nomophobia” meant until she brought it up as a topic suggestion. See what else Hajra is talking about over here! Take it away Hajra! Just a..

  • How Innocent Are You?

    It’s another fun weekend post with our guest hostess, Hajra! If you haven’t yet met Hajra check out what she’s doing over here! Take it away Hajra! The other day Bill talked about cheating and how some..

  • How Do You Deal With Life’s Lemons?

    Let’s welcome Hajra today to bravely tackle a topic we usually avoid. Hajra is very active around the Blogosphere, engaging in conversation on many blogs you probably visit yourself. She also blogs regularly here! Take it away Hajra!..