How are You Doing with Your Resolutions for 2013?

How are You Doing with Your Resolutions for 2013?

Today we welcome Hajra to host on the porch! Hajra blogs over here! Today she asks the question we don’t usually hear so early in the year but better too early than too late! Take it away Hajra!

It is the middle of February so a good time to talk about whether or not we have been faithful to ourselves. Yes, this is the question you dreaded just a month and a half ago: did we manage to keep our resolutions – or did we break them already?

Chances are the resolutions are fresh in your mind and you are trying your best to keep them but if you aren’t then it’s time to do some thinking!

I have always been the person who never stuck to the “New Year Resolution” tag. I always believe that if I want to change something about myself or the way I function, then I do it right away. I get to work on it right then, irrespective of whether it is January 1st  or not! This happened when I caught myself eating chocolate on January 2, a few years back. And yes, the New Year resolution that year had something to do with consuming less chocolate.

I have seen that if I haven’t taken the first step towards making the change, then I really am not ready for it. It might sound harsh sometimes, but this is what I noted in myself. The bigger decisions in life do take time but what I am referring to, specifically, are the habits we choose to change – health resolutions, changes in lifestyles, and resolutions in our social life for example.

If we’ve slacked off on our resolutions by the middle of February then it is time for the question: were we really serious when we made those promises to ourselves?

Have you managed to keep your resolutions for 2013, at least until now? Do you think change begins when we make the decision or is it when we actually start the change? Do you wait for the New Year to make the changes you wanted to see all along or do you take the plunge right away?

 photo credit: Yohana Taway

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