Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

As we make this journey in the direction of our dreams, I wonder; what constitutes “there”? How do we know when we’ve made it? What tells us that we’ve arrived?

Joseph Campbell said to follow your bliss, however bliss-following does not immediately translate into making a living. I love what the guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury on the TV show Glee suggested when she asked what was more important: making a living or making a life. I vote for the latter.

If we are doing what we dream of doing even as we wait for the affirmation of success, then we’re well on our way. If we’re happy now doing what we love to do, and we know that consistent focused action will get us to where we want to be, can any amount of affirmation inject more happiness into these actions than what we are already enjoying?

I’ve never been one to enjoy the journey. It never really made sense to me! I mean, don’t we go on a journey to get somewhere?  Am I there yet? No. But lately I find I’m having so much fun trying that I’ve stopped caring about that and started enjoying the ride.

My intention for 2011 (and forever) is to appreciate the doing without regard for the outcome, to give it all I’ve got so I feel satisfied with the effort. How do I know when I’ve made it? Who tells me? I’d like to think I do, that I am autonomous enough to be the one who decides. I’m going to be my first and biggest fan. Shouldn’t we all to do that?

What do you think – are you there yet?

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