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  • Are You Living Your Dreams?

    Today we welcome Reba Linker to host on the LFI porch! She has just released her book, Follow the Yarn, a book she describes as “a celebration of the extraordinary through the ordinary”. Tell us more Reba! I’ve..

  • Have You Ever Had a Recurring Dream?

    We had a great discussion about dreams on the porch a while ago. This time I thought it would be fun to discuss recurring dreams. Have you ever had one? I’ve had a handful of recurring dreams. Some I’ve been..

  • What Does Your T-Shirt Say?

    Let’s give a warm welcome to Carmelo, leading the discussion here at LFI for the first time. You know he’s no stranger here as he always adds a lot to the conversation. Take it away Carmelo! Do..

  • What if Life is Just a Dream?

    “If love is just a moment Let me spend this moment with you; If life is just a memory Then let me remember with you” ~ lyric from Amour This is the song we chose for the..