Have You Ever Had a Recurring Dream?

Have You Ever Had a Recurring Dream?

We had a great discussion about dreams on the porch a while ago. This time I thought it would be fun to discuss recurring dreams. Have you ever had one?

I’ve had a handful of recurring dreams. Some I’ve been able to decipher and others visit me during my slumber from time to time uninterpreted – yet. The other night I had one of these dreams only this time something was distinctly different.

The dream always has some variation of this: I am downtown in Moncton – the city across the river from where I live. I need a drive home but I can’t find a cab, can’t find a place with a phone to call someone, can’t find anyone to help me and end up walking all the long way home.

This time in the dream I was in Moncton, but I was nearer to the bridge which crosses the river. I told the person I was visiting that I didn’t need a drive, I would simply walk home, and headed out. Only I didn’t walk, I ran and as I ran I thought to myself, “put more power in it,” and ran faster.

The next day I shared the dream with a friend who saw immediately what the dream and the shift were suggesting; “You were helpless,” she said, “and now you are empowered.”

She was right! So much has happened in my life lately beginning with the death of my son in August 2012 and then in March with the passing of my brother-in-law Kevin. Two days after Kevin’s funeral my father was admitted to the hospital with undiagnosed symptoms and while I sat and worried at his bedside for four days I had a lot of time to think about my life.

I realized that life is not going to get any easier so I have to become more resourceful.  I need to be stronger, more capable of handling what is to come. I need to stop being a wimp. Yeah, I said it; I need to grow up.

Toward this end and inspired by two of Angela’s books  I decided I would learn to tap into the power of meditation. I began right away.

I realize that, of late, Life and I have been engaged in a dance:

  1. I recognized and accepted how I’ve always felt about myself.
  2. Life’s events inspired me to come to a decision.
  3. I began to take action based on that decision.
  4. Life presented me with a variation on my recurring dream which affirmed my shift.

I am fascinated by recurring dreams. Have you ever had one? Did you interpret it? Will you share?

photo credit: Angelo Amboldi

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