What if Life is Just a Dream?

What if Life is Just a Dream?

“If love is just a moment
Let me spend this moment with you;
If life is just a memory
Then let me remember with you”
~ lyric from Amour

This is the song we chose for the first waltz at our wedding. It’s an old 70’s song, old even then, when we danced to it, but we loved the melody and the words.

We’ve talked about music at Life, for instance before. I’m not really into music but the fact that I don’t often listen to music doesn’t mean I don’t hear music. I have a musical soundtrack running in my head – nearly constantly. Sometimes I find timely messages in the lyrics.

So when “Amour” popped into my head a couple of months ago I followed the lyrics to see what the message might be. It seemed an unlikely messenger.  Why this song, I wondered. Why this song now? This was our wedding song. What does it have to do with this?

Sometimes when I hear a song in my head I don’t accurately recall the lyrics. That morning I attributed these words to the tune: “If life is just a moment…” It seems it was speaking to my grief. It was a profound message about life and the mystery of time.

What is time? Sometimes it seems to drag painfully and at other times we wonder where the years have gone. As we pass through time, we never feel any differently and are often surprised to see a photograph of ourselves, or are startled by a chance sighting of ourselves in a mirror. What’s really happening with this thing we measure and date and bide and call “time”?

Could it be that life is just a dream that feels real to us as we are having it? Is it possible that time no more exists here than it does in a nighttime dream that seems to go on forever but lasts only seconds?

Do you ever wonder about time?  Do you ever wonder if this life is “but a dream”?

photo credit: Kevin Dooley

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