Responsibility: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Responsibility: Where Do You Draw the Line?

How adept are you at accepting responsibility for what happens in your life? We like to accept responsibility for the good things, but those bad things….nah!  That just happened, it was the energy, the moon, my genes, his/her fault, and the list goes on. That we need to accept responsibility is nothing new, but how much responsibility is ours? Do we need to take the credit/blame for everything?

For instance, we are all feeling the effects of the economic challenges. Maybe that is a broad statement, I’m not sure. For the most part, our world is undergoing changes and it does touch us. Can we accept responsibility for that?  How can that make sense?

I believe that we have at least a modicum of power over what we take responsibility for; that we abdicate our power with statements which cast responsibility away. What do you think? How far does our responsibility extend? Do you believe it is possible to change something for which you cannot assume responsibility? Where do you draw the line?

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