What’s Your Favourite Food Memory?

What’s Your Favourite Food Memory?

Do you have a favourite food memory; a food you ate which forever consigned the time and place and company to unforgettable, delicious memory? I have a few which come to mind immediately.

I remember coming home from school to the smell of bread baking. Mom would let us take a piece and smother it with butter which melted onto the warm, fresh bread. What a wonderful memory. I think I only learned to bake bread in later years because I wanted my kids to come home to that smell too; to fill their childhoods with that memory.

My sister and I were visiting our aunt and uncle in California. My uncle returned home one day with a flat of strawberries and that’s when it happened. Two of my cousins disappeared into the kitchen; one for a bowl of sour cream and the other for a bowl of brown sugar. (It was clear; they had done this before.) They then demonstrated the most divine way to enjoy fresh strawberries by dipping them first into the sour cream and then into the brown sugar.

My third food memory is of fresh corn on the cob. I was dating my husband-to-be at the time and I surprised him with a lunch-time visit. He went into his mother’s garden, picked a few ears of corn, boiled them and served a lunch fit for a queen. Corn purchased at the grocery store never tasted that good. To this day corn is my most anticipated harvest from our garden.

What are you favourite food memories? Do they have to do with the people involved, the place you were when you ate them? Do any of your memories transport you back to your childhood?

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