Why the Blogosphere is the Neighborhood of Today

Why the Blogosphere is the Neighborhood of Today

In my Reiki practice, I see people who are in pain. That’s why they come to me; they want me to make their pain go away.  Over the years I’ve come to recognize that all physical ailments have emotional roots. Lately, I find myself staring at the same core issue; a lack of emotional support; connectedness. They are missing the feeling we typically got from our neighbourhoods of the past.

When I listen to the stories of my clients and see how these stories resulted in physical pain, I make this suggestion: “Come to the blogosphere.”

I came to the blogosphere many months ago to write, to uplift and to build community. What I found was a wealth of inspirational writing and a thirst for community like I’ve never seen before and I joined an amazing group of bloggers who were gallantly answering the call.

I tell my clients “Come!” because here in the blogosphere they will learn they are not facing life challenges alone. They will meet people dedicated to sharing their solutions, providing tools and techniques, inspiring courage and smiles.

Let’s take a walk through my neighbourhood here in the blogosphere.

We’ll visit Rula and come away knowing that others too feel like lone sheep sometimes. We’ll have tea with Claudia and learn that challenges can be overcome. We’ll drop in on Kaarina and leave ready to tackle whatever’s happening in my life. Are you still with me? There are others I want to introduce you to!

Meet Barbara who will regale you with stories of life in Europe, Stacey who will scale mountains with you, Ali who will bring you fresh decorating and cooking inspiration. Ashvini will help you with your business, Melanie will sweep you along on her life journey. Meet  Lisa who will show you things of beauty in life that make your heart dance, Sabrina who sees the connections between mind, body and soul, and Jack who will entertain you with tales of the daddy blogger.

You can’t dance at Sandi’s place and not brush up against your soul, or come away from Ken’s place without your pockets stuffed with new ideas for facing the day. You don’t sip tea on Julie’s porch without remembering that still small voice within you that wants to be heard. You can’t party at Bill’s place and not have a good laugh.

Here in the blogosphere, Betsy reminds us that in generations past, life was much tougher – but we managed, just as we will today. Riley shows us how to move on when we feel stuck, Steve awakens us to our potential, Rob teaches us how to grab hold of that amazing life that’s ours and live it on our terms. You’ll be inspired by the gentle spirit of Elena and the generous heart of Al, empowered by Melody’s view of life and inspired by the introspection of Galen.

Brew a cup of tea or coffee, I say, and spend time in the blogosphere. You’ll leave refreshed, rejuvenated and reaffirmed. You can’t spend time here without gaining the sense of being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Is it only me who feels this way? Do you find inspiration here in the blogosphere? Who are the people in your neighbourhood?

photo credit: Andrew Czap

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